Tailored creative solutions
to suit your design needs

At VISUALWISE we craft visual experiences for your business.
We use our design and creative coding skills to deliver solutions that make you stand out from the crowd.

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We translate client business stories
into visual experiences.

Visualwise is a fast growing digital agency focused on the client's online presence. We are based in Bucharest, Romania and we provide branding consultancy, design and web development for startups all over the world.

We deliver complete high quality solutions while also keeping your costs under control. We help our clients find what sets them apart in their own market and emphasis their distinct advantages to keep their businesses a couple of steps ahead of the competition.

The result of our work is more than unique, it's also problem solving.

Dragos Opris

Dragoș Opriș

Managing Partner

Dragoș has a huge capability of understanding how things work and has the ability of finding the best possible solutions in the technical area. He is using his creative coding skills to bring a fresh and inspired approach to all the projects we deliver.

Veronica Angelescu

Veronica Angelescu

Head of Design

Veronica has been a detail oriented multidisciplinary designer for 9 years. She holds an MA in Graphic Design from National Art University in Bucharest. She has a unique eye coupled with a good balance of creativity and experience. She has a huge capability of understanding what the clients needs are, what they want and what they expect. Inspired by these insights, we conceptualize, design, prototype, test and refine our ideas. This is why each project from our portfolio is unique.


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