Roata reinventată

Client: Softwheel
Industry: Technology Startup
Services: Web Development

Team: Brand strategy, identity & web design: TalkWise LLC;
Web development: Visualwise

Softwheel vision is to put a dent in the universe by developing the most energy-efficient and energy-absorbing wheel system in the world. The mission is to craft a smart wheel that helps people create a smarter planet. Their team of engineers and designers are passionate and dedicated to improving mobility & energy-efficiency for all industries relying on wheels for transportation. SoftWheel’s patented technology replaces the traditional spoke-and-rim wheel with an innovative suspension system moved inside of a rigid rim and centered around the wheel hub. Using “in-wheel” shock absorbers that automatically switch between providing rigidity or cushioning – and lowering the unsprung mass in electric vehicles – SoftWheels achieve unparalleled comfort and energy-efficiency.

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