Perineum Studio 

Client: Intimate Health Care Center
Industry: Healthcare
Services: Brand Strategy · Branding · Graphic Design · Identity · Slogan · Web Design · Web Development
Project: Website branding

CONTEXT: Intimate health should be part of the daily lifestyle of every woman, because it is closely related to reproductive life, sexual relationship and urogenital health.
 Intimate Health Care Center offers services to women who have intimate health problems, offering ways to prevent or treat via natural ways to increase growth and dynamics of the pelvic-perineal muscle. The center adresses to pregnant, mothers or women interested in their intimate health.

CHALLENGE: A small but steady-growing independent center, Intimate Health Care Center had always enjoyed a close relationship with its customers trough the most well known Romanian midwife, Vania Limban. One of the issues that concern many women is the well being of the perineum - the area most exposed to the hormonal changes of pregnancy, trauma during birth, the pressure exerted by the organs supported by this muscle, hormonal changes at menopause. There is a whole series of programs to support perineum toning and patients can get help at Intimate Health Care Center.

SOLUTION: We used as the main identity image the famous painting The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli and based on it we created a friendly and inviting visual identity using a warm communication style. The design talks about femininity and intimacy.

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