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Client: Czech Centre
Industry: Events / Culture
Services: Art Direction · Branding · Graphic Design · Identity · Illustration

Project: Visual identity for a cultural centre

CONTEXT: The Czech Center is a non-profit cultural arts organization, with no political or religious affiliation. The Center is based in Bucharest and was created to celebrate, share and promote the rich cultural abundance of Czech republic and their history. The goal of the Center is to continue to offer cultural events, resulting in a blend of harmonious experiences for people of all ethnicities interested in the culture. The Czech Centre is also known as the most friendly and active cultural centre in Romania.

CHALLENGE: Visual identity for the Czech Centre in Bucharest in 2011. The visuals are meant to be use both for web as well as for print. The project includes brochures, indoor and outdoor posters, flyers, web design for the Czech Centre's blog, tote bags, roll-ups, agendas made from recycled prints, programs, stickers, and postcards.

SOLUTION: Based on the slogan and concept ''czech it!'' we designed the identity of the cultural centre. The identity is inspired by a map and each street will take you to an event. The style is a lucid one inviting you to follow the lines and play with it.