IS CIRCUS TIME - circus.jpg

Client: Globus Circus
Industry: Events / Culture
Services: Art direction · Graphic Design · Identity

Project: Design for a festival

CONTEXT: An enormous, permanent big-top with seating for more than 3,500 spectators, Bucharest's circus continues to host excellent performances, put on by both local and touring circuses. Built in 1960, the circus is the centerpiece of a small and slightly rundown park.

CHALLENGE: Romanians are big entertainment consumers being attracted by all kind of events from concerts to cinema, theatre and live shows. The Circus is still one of the most fantastic and amazing entertainment means that you can enjoy. The atmosphere that is created within a circus is unique and full of emotions ranging from fear to joy with a good dose of enthusiasm. The circus has the power to generate expectations in the audience who are there to see the incredible, unbelievable. From tigers to trapeze their shows are visually impressive and delight adults and children. There is dancing and singing, magic and entertainment, everything designed for a spectacular night!

SOLUTION: We created the communication design for the circus gala, including the program book, posters, banners, ads, and big flags with this year’s trophy.