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Client: Veronica & Dragos
Industry: Events
Services: Art Direction · Illustration · Graphic Design · Identity · Web Design · Web Development

Project: Wedding identity

CONTEXT: Wedding invitations set the tone for the big day, that is why it's important to have an invite that matches the individual personality as well as the unique style of the wedding.

CHALLENGE: Designing a simple yet unique wedding invitation card with exclusive designs. A card that is full of style and sophistication, yet has just enough moxie to depart from those mundane designs in favor of a distinctive look. Stunning invitations are all about the details.

SOLUTION: Perfect for an outdoor wedding, the invitation showcase the beauty of nature using a feminine color palette. The floral borders makes the invitations feel extra special. Bright, bold blooms pop against a simple white background. Pretty, lush florals surround delicate type for a look that's all romance. Using a vintage floral patterns in a modern, updated color palette we created a stylish identity for this wedding. The card was printed using various techniques as well, mixing printing with traditional painting techniques.