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Client: Czech Centre
Industry: Events / Culture
Services: Art Direction · Graphic Design · Identity · Illustration

Project: Event design

CONTEXT: SOUNDCZECH is a festival of contemporary Czech music. The Festival is a young initiative in Bucharest’s cultural life, whose aim is that of bringing well rated Czech artists performing on the same stage.

CHALLENGE: The artists who perform at this festival are among the best appreciated contemporary musicians in the Czech Republic. The brief was to maintain a similar graphical style for each edition by using similar components that are forming the identity, that will contribute to increasing the festival’s visibility.

SOLUTION: The visual concept includes the figurative representation of a bird with obvious allusions to music. For the the 2-th edition, the visual identity design was inspired by the general partner of the Czech Centres colors and by a turkey, a bird that makes a specific sound. For the previous edition we used as inspiration the traditional Czech bird, Eurasian Hoopoe.