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IDENTITY SHOWCASE - all logos color.jpg

Client: Various
Industry: Various
Services: Graphic Design · Identity · Branding

Project: Branding

CONTEXT: A selection of visual identity projects for various clients. For a company the logos are just the tip of the iceberg. In order to build a strong brand you have to find the true differentiators of your offering, the logo only represents the brand through critical components: names, logos, typefaces, and colors.

CHALLENGE: From more complex visual identities to basic marks, the projects involved intensive research with the purpose of finding ways of effective and original visual communication.

SOLUTION: Some of the visual identity projects proposed or implemented during the past years. The subjects are very diverse, the solutions lead to remarkable graphic outcomes, some of the projects being currently implemented with success. It is well known that a true test of any identity is how it looks when it is reduced to a single color. Well here they are laid both colored and on black, bare and ready for inspection.