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TRASH MADE - trash made poster.jpg

Client: Czech Centre
Industry: Events / Culture
Services: Art Direction · Graphic Design · Identity · Illustration

Project: Event design

CONTEXT: Trash made is an exhibition and workshop about jewellery, fashion and interior accessories made from recycled materials made by three young designers (Anna Kozova, Linda Ciharova and Jana Krovova) under a joint mark. Trash Made is a collection of original jewellery, fashion and interior accessories made from recycled materials.

CHALLENGE: The workshop is a blend of art, design and education. We were asked to create a simple brand that is easily expandable across multiple formats and event collateral.

SOLUTION: The main graphic theme, on which the whole identity is based is inspired by electronic circuits. The typographic treatment and graphic composition of materials reflect the playful and experimental character of this identity. The visual identity is designed in a semi-abstract style with minimal forms and vivid colours. The digital visuals were created for all the immediate and necessary online communication and the on-location posters were hanged around the city, while others were displayed at the event. After the event end we used the poster to create handmade unique agendas based on the same idea of recycling.