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Client: Octavian Ureche
Industry: Professional Business Services
Services: Branding · Graphic Design · Identity · Web Design

Project: Personal branding

CONTEXT: OKTO was founded by visual effects artist, Octavian Ureche, at the beginning of 2010. Having started his vfx journey on his own in 1995, throughout the years he has gained a wide experience in the field of 3d animation and visual effects, having been involved in many advertising and film projects both national and international. OKTO can be anything it needs to be: studio, hub or a single artist. Functioning as a remote based design and visual effects entity, OKTO exists to provide a cost effective alternative to the already established arena. Its primary goal is to deliver high quality creative services for its clients.

CHALLENGE: The main purpose of the branding process was to position OKTO as a strong and creative artist.

SOLUTION: The logotype is inspired by Swiss clock precision and by a mechanism. The logo is represented as a device designed to transform input forces and movement into a desired set of output forces. The monochromatic style suggest the artist’s intense activity in many artistic areas.