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Client: Czech Centre
Industry: Events / Culture
Services: Art Direction · Branding · Graphic Design · Identity · Illustration

Project: Festival identity

CONTEXT: Czech cinema on the rise? The Czech Centre brought to Romania a festival of independent movies. During the festival, the public had the opportunity to see Czech movies, which have recently collected prizes and acknowledgment around the world, while still remaining independent, experimental and made practically without commercial supports.

CHALLENGE: The Czech mainstream cinema, growing stronger since the ninetees, is well established now. It exists, and brings the Czechs inside the cinema halls. Yet, this time it looks like we are witnessing something else, sort of a cream on this mainstream cake… New, fresh, author driven, independent and inspiring films. Indeed, there are signs that show us that something is on the way in the Czech cinema. Is it a phenomenon, a „Wave“ as they like to say in the movie world? The pro’s seem quite solid, credible and trustworthy: these new Czech movies are back on the international film festivals, while the mainstream stays with the TV viewers.

SOLUTION: The visual materials designed for the festival try to highlight its defining ideas by means of their color and message. The visual identity design was inspired by the Czech national colors and by the art of well known artist Katsushika Hokusai. The wave was reinterpreted in order to make it Czech.