Client: Vania Limban
Industry: Healthcare
Services: Brand Strategy · Branding · Graphic Design · Identity · Slogan · Web Design · Web Development

Project: Personal branding

CONTEXT: Vania Limban is the most well known Romanian midwife. She organizes intensive course for parents-to-be. She helps pregnant women to have an easy and safe birth! She is very involved in the de-medicalisation of birth. Her areas of interest include childbirth education, pregnancy massage and teaching. She has been a practicing midwife since 1980 and recently Vania has launched her famous "Birth Preparation Course" in a new format! Her area of expertise includes educational programmes & gym & massage for pregnant women, moms, babies & kids and events for pregnant women, moms, babies & kids.

CHALLENGE: Vania Limban is a midwife who offers personalized services on every aspect of pregnancy, birth and intimate health. Therefore, in this kind of business a professional and strong brand can be decisive to conquer client's trust, the first impact should be enchanting.

SOLUTION: I was tasked to develop a logo and identity to make her brand stands out and show the aspects of intimacy and maternity in a delicate as well as a modern style. Our design proposal is inspired by the divinity triangle that express tranquility, perfection, trust and balance. Our direction for approach is the combination of a handwritten brand name and an artistic representation of a triangular shape in a top view. The color palette is selected to show femininity and friendliness. Each detail have been carefully chosen and designed to demonstrate the care, affection and love she has for her clients.