Școala Gimnazială numărul 5

Școala din inima ta


Client: Secondary school number 5
Industry: Education
Services: Brand strategy, Brand design, Brand communication, Web design and development

School number 5 is the school within your heart

Why a public school shouldn't have it's own identity?
Located downtown in the very heart of the city, the school offers children high quality education in a welcoming and relaxing environment.

Our team identified the fact that in this school education takes place in a friendly environment and learning becomes easy. What is more, the school offers an alternative education sistem known as being more relaxed and playful - step by step. 

The identity we created based on our research reflects a friendly and relaxed attitude and expresses the ability to adapt in a strict educational landscape such as public education. 

The new website is designed to be highly accessible. The key elements ar the faces of the kids as it is a human centered project. The colour palete is fresh and playful along with all the graphic elements reflecting altogether trust. 

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